The THINQ network is a strategic conglomeration of companies all centered around the principles of thought, leadership, innovation and results. For the last decade, THINQ Design has been making a difference in business communication. Our results-focused solutions have been influencing both internal and external communication for companies like ESPN, Nokia & Dell at the Fortune 500 level and has propelled local businesses to market leader positions in the technology, medical, sports and retail arenas.

As we’ve grown and evolved, organizations have increasingly challenged us to explore the boundaries of their businesses and brands, and to find new relationships between aesthetics and economics, technology and audiences, communication and culture, brands and experiences. Having deep roots in the discipline of design enables us to envision the effect we want to create and to explore the most productive path for getting there.

Our clients tell us they see us as a valued business asset. Depending on how we best fit their needs and serve their brands, they may define our role in countless ways: as advisor, investigator, strategist, catalyst and implementer, as well as designer. At any time, you’ll find us designing integrated programs involving brand strategy, environmental design, investor communications, user-needs research, employee communications or Website development.

THINQ is fortunate to have client companies large and small, with brands both global and local, established and emerging. Each organization come with differing needs, timing, styles and resources. Through a cross-disciplinary approach, we take a full view of a situation — staffing our team with complementary skills, exploring multiple approaches, mobilizing quickly and taking a business challenge from a strategic or conceptual starting point through complete realization.